A2 Level Chemistry for Oct/Nov 2021

A2 Chem Rookie [Cohort: 2021 Nov]

Hi everyone. Welcome to the A2 Chemistry Oct/Nov Rookie program. This is meant to be a self paced course where you will have access to pre-recorded video lessons and recorded past paper solutions (by topic). Additionally, you will have access to notes and worksheets for all chapters in your syllabus. Our automated quizzes will give you instant feedback and help you track your progress.
This material will be available to you for the duration of the course until the end of your exams.
For further assistance, you may use our teacher led discord server or discussion forums where we can help you with any queries related to the course content as well as your CAIE exams.
I hope you get the most out of this course. Let’s ace A Level Chemistry together.

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